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Becoming a Volunteer

The Institute of Marketing Professionals welcomes and recognizes the invaluable contributions from our volunteer members. Volunteers at IIMP™ are the foundational building blocks that allow us to achieve our organizational goals. At IIMP™, volunteers are able to advance in personal development, build upon leadership skills and gain networking opportunities through community and Chapter involvement.

Networking Opportunities

IIMP™ is committed to establishing a cohesive community of marketing practitioners on an international basis. By volunteering at IIMP™, individuals will be able to connect to a global network that supports confidence and trust between marketing professionals around the world. Potential volunteers can get involved through our Chapter development programs and community activities.

Leadership Skills Development

IIMP™ sets precedence to the development of leadership skills for all of its volunteer positions. Our participants are involved in programs and activities that empower them to make decisions based on their professional judgement and experience. Whether individuals are coming from a novice or expert leadership skill set background, IIMP™ is dedicated to helping individuals develop and enhance their current leadership skills. The International Institute of Marketing Professionals will help individuals achieve their goals and aspirations towards becoming a community leader and take charge of their professional career.

Personal Development

Improving on strengths and talents are some of the key objectives that IIMP™ is dedicated to achieving through its volunteering programs. IIMP™ acknowledges the critical need for personal development and its importance to IIMP™ volunteers. By volunteering at IIMP™, individuals will be exposed to an array of opportunities to build upon and fulfill their ambitions towards self-improvement.


IIMP™ recognizes that work and volunteer experiences are the stepping stones to jobs and career advancement. Individuals who volunteer at IIMP™ will achieve invaluable practical experiences that will open doors for expansion at a professional level. Once part of the IIMP™ volunteering team, our mentors, supervisors and executive committee will provide individuals with the reference and support that they deserve to progress in their professional career.


Benefits for Team Members and Advisory Roles:

The below mentioned discount levels are offered to team members on the following IIMP products/services:

Committee/Functional Team Members:

Rank Discount Level
Position Hierarchy Level Required Education
1 75% President Senior Executive Graduate/Doctorate Degree
2 70% Chief Executive Officer Senior Executive Graduate/Doctorate Degree
3 65% Senior Vice President Senior Executive Graduate/Doctorate Degree
4 60% Vice President Executive Graduate Degree
5 55% Associate Vice President Executive Graduate Degree
6 50% Senior Director Director Graduate Degree
7 45% Director Director Graduate Degree
8 40% Associate Director Director Undergraduate Degree
9 35% Senior Manager Manager Undergraduate Degree
10 30% Manager Manager Undergraduate Degree
11 25% Associate Manager Manager Undergraduate Degree
12 20% Senior Associate Associate Post-Secondary Diploma
13 15% Associate Associate Post-Secondary Diploma
14 10% Junior Associate Associate Post-Secondary Diploma


Advisory and Other Team Members:

Rank Discount Level Role / Position Title
1 75% Executive Team Members
1 75% IAMS Board Members
3 65% IACMP Council Members
4 60% ACMP Council Members
4 60% Authors and Co-Authors (contributors to the CMMP handbooks and IAMS standards)
6 50% Editorial Team Members (publication team and contributors to the Journal and Magazine)
8 40% Support Team Members (reviewers and contributors to the development of CMMP handbooks)


IIMP Products and Services:

The above mentioned discount levels are offered to team members on the following IIMP products/services:

No. Item Description
1 CMMP Designations Training Fees
2 Professional Development Training Fee
3 Events & Conferences Registration
4 Publication Subscriptions
5 Membership Dues

Download IIMP team benefits document for detailed information:




Apply for a Volunteer Position

If you are interested in joining the volunteer teams at the IIMP®, please indicate the committee and volunteer position title that you intend to join when completing the volunteer application:
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