IIMP® Membership Application

Special Membership Discount

If you are currently a member of a marketing association in your country or region, you will be able to take advantage of a 25% discount on our Membership fees (Information must be provided about your involvement in the association for verifications purposes).

Entry Level Membership Categories:

1) Student Member – Those who are currently enrolled in Marketing related diploma or degree program at an accredited, or internationally equivalent, college/university may qualify to apply for IIMP® Student Membership. Student Member Annual Fee: $50 (CAD).

2) Regular Member – Those who are interested in, or engaged in, the practice, teaching, research, in the areas of Marketing but have less than four years of experience in Marketing may qualify to apply to become the IIMP® Regular Member. Regular Member Annual Fee: $100 (CAD) .

Premium Level Membership Categories:

3) Professional Member – Those who are engaged in the practice, teaching, research, in the areas of Marketing and have more than four years of professional experience in the areas of Marketing may qualify to apply for the IIMP® Professional Member. Professional Member Annual Fee: $150 (CAD).

4) CMMP® Member – Those who are granted awards of the CMMP® certifications including Associate, Manager, Executive and Chartered CMMP® will qualify to become a CMMP® Member of the IIMP®. It is mandatory for CMMP® designation holders to become CMMP members in order to receive the CMMP® designation. CMMP® Member Annual Fee: $200 (CAD).

5) Corporate Member – Any organization/corporate may qualify to apply for IIMP® Corporate Membership for all those employees who are involved in marketing related activities. A minimum of five individuals are required to qualify within the Corporate Membership category. In order to qualify for the Corporate Membership, a minimum of $500 must be paid which will cover fees for the minimum requirement of five individuals (If all five members are not registered at the same time, the remaining may register anytime within a 12 month period from the first registration date). Corporate Member annual fee of five members: $500 (CAD).

6) Fellow Member – Those who are IIMP® member for five consecutive years as Professional/Regular/CMMP® Member in good standing may qualify to apply for the IIMP® Fellow Member. Fellow Member Annual Fee: $90 (CAD).


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