International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices – IJMPP

International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices

Issue 4 – November 2013

Dear colleagues,

The fourth issue of the International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP) invites you to get acquainted to the research findings dealing with various aspects of marketing. The articles included to the current issue present the research works which have very broad geographical scope of the markets explored as well as strong empirical aspect.

The first article by the authors Amjad Shamim, Mohsin Altaf, Usman Yousaf and Zulkipli Ghazali coming from Pakistan and Malaysia research communities explores Customer Relationship Satisfaction and Relationship Improvement determinants in cellular services industry of Pakistan. The empirical findings of the research bring evidence of strong impact of customer satisfaction and relationship improvement on customer loyalty in cellular industry.

The second article by Ibironke, O. T., Famakin, I. O., Aje, I. O. and Enoidem, J. can attract attention of marketing specialists and scholars as it explores marketing role in the specific area of quantity surveying services in the expanding construction industry of Nigeria. The authors present discussion based on empirical survey, which reveals potential of application professional marketing efforts for the development of the business area. The article pinpoints the highest impact of professional qualities of personnel to the quality of services rendered by firms to their clients and the potential for adopting electronic transactions in project management activities.

The third article offered by the group of authors from Monash University Weng Marc Lim, Ding Hooi Ting, Win Yen Han, Huey Yi Khor and Yee Ken Saw explore consumer perceptions and evaluations of green products, which confirms that the attention of marketing science to environmental issues is constantly growing. An understanding of various aspects of consumer attitude to green products will provide a better comprehension on the effectiveness of marketing efforts in this area. A qualitative approach was adopted by using in-depth interviews. Findings from this study suggest that consumers highly rely on interpersonal and external influences when evaluating green products and in making purchase decisions.

The fourth article by Graa Amel, Dani el Kebir Maachou and Benhamida Farid (Algerie) bring insights to major factors influencing the impulse behavior, giving special attention to those determined by store environment, time pressure, perceived crowding.

The fifth article by Makarand Upadhyaya provides discussion of the business case from India, discussing “Radio taxi services in Jaipur: a learning experience from Meri Car”. It discloses advantages and vulnerabilities of the enterprise, and presents preferences of the customers, which build requirements to the business strategy revision.

We would like to thank the authors for sharing their research results and our peer-reviewers for their diligent efforts and attentive remarks for enhancing quality of the articles.

Dr. Dalia Kriksciuniene
Editor-in-Chief of IJMPP


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