Volunteering with IIMP Teams

The IIMP® volunteer teams consist of over 500 professionals who are dedicated and committed to contribute to the advancement of global marketing community. The IIMP® offers an array of contributing opportunities to the marketing academics and practitioners and students by connecting them to the following five organized teams:

1. Executive Team
The executive team is headed by the President and Chief Executive Officer, it consists of the team leaders of all volunteer committees involved in the daily affairs of the organization. Learn more..

2. Management Committees
The management committees are functional teams that fulfill tasks in the areas of accreditation, education, business strategy, marketing, global alliances, finance, human resources, information technology, publications, conferences, corporate alliances, developing standards and membership. Learn more..

3. Advisory Teams
The advisory teams consist of three groups named Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Board (IAMSB), International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP) and Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP). Learn more..

4. Authoring and Support Team
The authors, co-authors and support team members contribute to the development of IIMP® publications, CMMP® handbooks and relevant education material. Learn more..

5. Editorial Team
The editorial team members contribute to the publications published and managed by the IIMP® such as International Journal of Marketing Principles, Practices and Marketing Practitioner Magazine and IIMP® Newsletter. Learn more..