Testimonials from CMMP designation holders

YouTube: Testimonial from Caroline Berryman, CMMP
Caroline A. Berryman, CMMP
Supervisor, Marketing and Communications
Transportation and Community Planning, The Regional Municipality of York
Newmarket, Canada

After studying online for six months, I recently wrote the final exam and received the High Distinction Award which will help me to advance my career further in the field of marketing. The workbook which I had been provided was very well written by leading marketing professionals around the world. I had a direct contact with an advisor who provided assignments according to an established schedule with reasonable timelines for completion. All assignments and quizzes were marked very quickly so I knew how I was doing. I found the program interesting and very manageable even though I was working full time.

Mohammad Al-Sharafi, MS, CMMP

ICT Services Marketing Strategist at Saudi Telecom
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“What I really like about IIMP as a non profit organization is their huge effort to enhance marketing profession through a many focussed activities including training, standardization and building a network of brilliant marketers in academic and industry that improve marketing area globally and what is so special about CMMP as a designation and training path is their focus on the practical side of marketing which make it very easy for non-marketing people to get involved in a very professional way. “

Burc Uygumen, CMMP
President/CEO at Burç Uygurmen – Praktika Educational Services
Istanbul, Turkey

“I believe that customer experience is the new marketing. From that point of view, it’s a pleasure to hold the CMMP Designation and to be able to offer IIMP®’s professional development courses in Turkey. With qualified people from 192 countries from both professional and academic backgrounds, IIMP® has a strong value proposition delivering only meaningful and up-to-date information that is easily adaptable to the field. It’s a privilege to be able to reach and deliver this kind of usable information where there is so much complex or superficial data all around us. In my experience IIMP’s unique value proposition is elusive because it certainly fills the gap between the learning experience and real life occurrences.”

Dias Mukushev, BBA, CMMP
Senior Sales & Marketing Manager at Talan Towers
Astana, Kazakhstan

“The experience I had during the educational period for the CMMP membership had made a great impact on my theoretical fundamentals that helped a lot in my professional activities. I consider the IIMP as the most professional organization that keeps its standards on the highest level. It is honor for me to be recognized as a member of such a respectable and professional team.”

Raimondo Ierino, CMMP
Marketing Specialist
EDJ Marketing
Toronto, Canada

Being part of the IIMP and completing the CMMP designation is an honor and achievement on its own. I recommend the CMMP designation for any Marketing professional out there, it covers all areas of Marketing and adds credibility, importance and value to Marketing as a profession in today’s ever changing and challenging business world. I am proud to being a member of the IIMP and of achieving the CMMP designation.

Hazem T. Melham, CMMP
Sales and Marketing Specialist
Al-Jazeera Factory For Paints and Coating Co.
Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia

I consider Manager Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP) program as one of the best and most useful professional and practical program that I have ever taken part in, within the past 6 months I have learned so many new marketing skills and techniques such as marketing MEWS, innovative planning, global marketing strategies, new strategic marketing methods and product development. As result of my learning, I am contributing significantly to my workplace and I have impressed the board of directors, they liked my achievements so I have received a career promotion and better salary. I highly recommend the Manager CMMP to every marketer who seeks success in his/her career. I am thankful to the entire CMMP education team and members for their extended support.

Haya Samain, CMMP
Director of Marketing and Communications
Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel
Doha, Qatar

I have been keen to develop professionally and grow in the areas of marketing management in the Middle-Eastern hospitality industry and the CMMP® designation has given me the competitive edge to achieve that. I am a person that strives to develop herself and this designation has been the starting point.

Virginia Quon, BBA, MIB, CMMP
Online Marketing Account Manager
Calgary, Canada

“The CMMP Handbook provides insight into all areas and levels of marketing management which allows for professional development, evaluation, and assessment. Earning the CMMP designation has given me the confidence and qualifications to extend my expertise to a boarder range of Marketing related career opportunities.”

Nada Tahir Zaidi, MA, CMMP
Communications Officer
Electronic & Electrical Industries Corp.
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

“I found out about the certification online and after quick research found it to be the most suitable choice keeping my career path and position in mind. The Associate CMMP program covers a broad range of topics and is therefore is a great start for Marketing Professionals with basic or little prior subject knowledge and as the material has been compiled from a diverse range of marketing gurus, it is thorough and global in comprehension.”

Alonso Terrones, CBCP, CMMP
Regional Business Continuity Coordinator (Latin America)
Aon plc
Mexico City Area, Mexico

“The CMMP handbook is an excellent resource with combined sources from outstanding authors and leaders in the Marketing industry. Each designation level allows you to keep track of your development and apply your knowledge. From a professional perspective, I am a Security Risk Management Consultant and receiving the CMMP designation gave me the recognition and the credibility of having a strong knowledge and understanding of my clients/audience and designing solutions and messages with outstanding accuracy. Applying marketing to the risk industry increases the awareness of having a prevention culture across the company. My certification was well received by my company as a continuous focus on increasing the client value we deliver and the continuous focus on learning.”

Rabia Naroo, B.Com (Marketing), CMMP
Financial Planner at World Financial Group
Whitby, Canada

“The CMMP program provided exceptional concepts of the rapid growth in the marketing sector allowing me to master them and have the advantage of elevation opportunities in career advancement. Management has always been my ultimate goal and with the earned designation, I am very confident that I will be able to broaden my marketing career goals with what I have learnt throughout the program”.

Ahmad Abdulghani, PMP, MAIBM, CMMP

Marketing Sr. Manager, Business and Consumer Segments at MTN
Amman, Jordan

“As part of continues professional and personal development plans, I have acquired the Certified Marketing Management Professional designation in executive level with high distinction. Throughout 6 months, I had the chance to gain benefits from the CMMP handbook that provided insights and standards and it’s source of inspiration from marketing professionals within the field. It is an honor to be part of a highly recognized organization which provides excellence in marketing profession”.

Justin Evenden, BComm., CMMP (Associate)
Marketing Associate
Manitoba Hydro Telecom, a division of Manitoba Hydro International Ltd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Being part of the IIMP and completing the Associate CMMP designation is a good step in my Marketing career. The Associate CMMP designation is a refresher for any Marketing professional, or an introduction for people new to Marketing. The topics are relevant to the current marketing landscape, and the workload is manageable with all the other commitments in your life.”.

Hassan Jaber, DMP, CMMP
Product Marketing Advisor at Saudi Telecom
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“I completed my CMMP certification in Aug 2015 with high distinction recognition. This important achievement is considered an important step not only in building recognition of my experience as marketing professional but also in providing me as marketing practitioner with specialized tools and global standards to put me in charge of my career. I strongly recommend professionals anywhere in the globe who wish to be recognized in the era of marketing management to experience different approach in enriching their marketing know-how and be part of CMMP designation program”

Farida Baizuliyeva, CMMP

Marketing Manager at Talan Towers
Astana, Kazakhstan

“As reflected from my experience and keen interest I got into the CMMP program to prove further that I am having all the zeal and deal to learn and advance my career in the field of Marketing. I kept all my efforts and completed the CMMP program successfully. Thank you very much for the entire team for extremely helpful and detailed response to all my questions during the program. I wish the IIMP team only success, and I am happy to be a CMMP® Member of the IIMP®.”

Safa Abo Saeed, CMMP

Sales Associate and Marketing Coordinator at Victoria’s Secret
Aley, Lebanon

“I am a business administration/Marketing graduate student from the Arab Open University-Lebanon branch and a CMMP marketing manager designation holder. I always try to develop myself and my career through entering the market in several ways. One of the best ways was developing my educational level in learning more and more about marketing and it was really a great opportunity for me to know the CMMP because I always try to learn something new from every experience though I believe there is always a room for self- improvement both personally and professionally. The CMMP helped me a lot in moving forward especially in my work; I got promoted lately because I improved myself much more especially in applying the professional competencies in a successful way. Finally, I would really thank everyone and every member in the IIMP and I am proud to be one of your members.”

Fariha Qureshy, CMMP

Marketing Specialist
Hand Embellished Fabric Value Chain
J.E. Austin Associates / USAID Entrepreneurs Project

“It is an honour to be a member of the IIMP® – a body that plays a crucial role in ensuring the application of best marketing practices by offering the CMMP® program to professionals like myself who wish to excel in their marketing competencies. I earned my designation as an Executive CMMP® with high distinction in the summer of 2015. It is one of the most detailed yet practical professional programs I have enrolled in. The course handbook provided is a collection of exceptional resource material from leading marketing professionals around the world. Anyone interested in gaining an international outlook on marketing will benefit from this course. I strongly recommend it to all those who desire to grow professionally knowing their efforts are recognized and accepted all over the world.”

Mohammad Aman Ullah Aman, BBA, CMMP

Business Development Manager
Roxy Paints Limited
Dhaka, Bangladesh

“I express my utmost happiness having Manager CMMP designation and getting involvement with the biggest international marketing community IIMP. I strongly believes that this association will help me to become a successful marketer in the world.”

Asloob Mohammad, MBA, CMMP

Promotion and non-personal media officer at Parks Canada
New Brunswick, Canada

“As reflected from my experience and keen interest I got into the CMMP program to prove further that I am having all the zeal and deal to learn and advance my career in the field of Marketing. I kept all my efforts and completed the CMMP program successfully. Thank you very much for the entire team for extremely helpful and detailed response to all my questions during the program. I wish the IIMP team only success, and I am happy to be a CMMP® Member of the IIMP®.”

Mohammed Jihad Al-Shaikh Ali, BBA, CMMP (Executive)
Account Manager at Shades House
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

“Recently, I have completed one of the best professional educational programs, one that I was considering a lot about before joining , the IIMP. The Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP) program has really advanced my knowledge in the following areas of marketing:
1) How to Design and lead research (focusing on consumer behavior), with an in-depth analysis for all business purposes.
2) Communication is one of the things that I was dreaming to get the knowledge of and it was part of my job and I did.
3) It helped me to improve my skills in Strategic marketing fundamentals diagnosis and other things like:
– Brand creation, Development and Sustaining.
– Brand building based on the market and consumer understanding.
– Marketing strategy development and execution.”

CMMP® Recognition by Marketing Professionals

Following are statements from marketing practitioners and academicians around the world:

Dr. Christophe Bisson, PhD (Competitive Intelligence)
Assistant Professor
Kadir Has University
Istanbul, Turkey

“The high pace of innovation in the field of Marketing under the influence of Information and Communication Technologies (e.g. smart phone, social media) and globalization (rapid development of countries such as TBRIC i.e. Turkey, Brazil, Russia, India and China), keeps shortening the value of knowledge and increasing the risk of blind spots. Therein, to create a handbook for Marketers which gathers the Marketing knowledge at cutting edge about all topics and from all around the world was needed. IIMP® by having the widest advisory network throughout the world (representing 192 countries) was naturally the Marketing organization which could address this challenge. Thus, the Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP®) designation handbook created aims to be the reference for all Marketers worldwide today and in the future through regular updates”.

Dr. Sofia Daskou, PhD (Marketing)
Coordinator of Bachelors of Science in Business Administration
Hellenic American University
Athens, Greece

“The Marketing profession globally contributes to economic growth by promoting the relationships between buyers and sellers in environments of mutual respect and dialogue. The IIMP® honours its responsibility in assuring the apt application of marketing by offering the CMMP® program to professionals who wish to excel in improving their marketing competencies. I believe that this program will aid marketing professionals to benefit from the IIMP™ community of learning and to progress in their careers with the confidence that their efforts are internationally acknowledged.”

Dr. Alan Kaplan, B.Econ (Hons), M.Comm, CPM, PhD (Business)
Executive Director
Optivance 360
Sydney, Australia

“The IIMP® is to be congratulated on the introduction of the CMMP® designation which will make a significant contribution to ensuring consistently high marketing standards on a global basis and add significant value across many stakeholder groups including professional marketers, employers, clients, academia and society at large. In addition to setting a professional benchmark and the benefits that flow, the CMMP® will create a fellowship of camaraderie beyond marketing through an international fellowship that unites people and cultures that share a common goal of acquiring and applying exemplary marketing skills at the highest level. The tremendous depth of international marketing talent that underpins the CMMP®, as well as the constant drive to be at the cutting edge of marketing at the highest level, will ensure that the CMMP® is truly a professional designation that will have a major impact in marketing circles and far beyond.”

Dr. Yasser Aly, MBA, PhD (Business Administration)
Certified Consultant & Trainer in M&E
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Cairo, Egypt

“IIMP® has been continually working to deepen the concepts of quality marketing professionals worldwide. The holders of CMMP® or Executive CMMP® would enjoy globally a sustainable competitive advantage in the workforce markets, be competent, proud and self-confident, present higher performance and, in return, expect career advancement.”

Dr. Inma Rodríguez-Ardura, Doctorate in Economics and Business Sciences
Associate Professor of Marketing
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain

“An industry-based certificate for marketing management professionals, like CMMP® designation, can allow marketing practitioners to illustrate a high level of competence and achievement within the profession. Accredited and industry-based designation programmes facilitate candidates’ improvement of their knowledge and expertise, as well as success in taking new business opportunities.”

Dr. Suneel Sethi, PhD (Business Admin.), MABC (USA), FIMM, MIMA, A-IIMA
Corporate Strategist and Marketing Advisor
Managing Partner at Sethi Associates, Management Consultants
Toronto, Canada

“Congratulations for releasing the humongous and a valuable compendium of knowledge for every marketing professional, an extremely exhaustive Handbook. The handbook covers a wealth of information on the practical aspects of marketing, essentially recommended for every marketing professional. This handbook will surely serve to be an important source of reference and a step-by-step guide for all Certified Marketing Management Professional members of IIMP®. This handbook is but only a single important tool for the practice of marketing profession, to begin with, and I hope there would be many more to follow , for the privileged Certified Marketing Management Professional members of IIMP®.“

Professor Robert E. Dratwa [FAC]
Certified Advanced Facilitator
University of Phoenix, School of Business
Atlanta & Columbus, GA Campuses, USA

“Unlike other organizations hosting a certification credential, CMMP® was written and crafted by a highly diversified team of GLOBAL senior marketing professionals, thus truly reflecting a multinational seminal knowledge base of theory, application and best practices to draw upon for framing a superior assessment evaluation framework. In my professional opinion, CMMP, and IIMP, are rapidly becoming the de facto standards of defining the state of global excellence among those in the marketing management profession.”

Eric Bindah, MBA, Ph.D. Fellow, Business Administration / Marketing (Candidate)
Lecturer & Trainer (Affiliates)
a University
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“The intrinsic value of CMMP® is rewarding to the achiever in that recognition of excellence leads to self-fulfillment and thus to self-realization. By recognizing that what we do does make a difference, we are stimulated to higher productivity. Accomplishments are enjoyed more when shared with others. The contacts made through the CMMP® are valuable throughout educational and professional careers. The experience gained by working with CMMP® is excellent for building up your career path. Asides from these important benefits, the CMMP® provides a springboard for professional growth. Opportunities are made available to its members for promoting their research, receiving national and international recognition, meeting and interacting with leaders in the marketing field, and meeting members of other chapters who are also leaders in their respective industry. A culmination of the benefits mentioned above is knowing that many individuals, by their caring, dedication, perseverance, and hard work, have made it possible to encourage professionals interested in field of marketing to strive for excellence—to reach toward that attainable star. Some Advantages to CMMP® Designation CMMP® provides international recognition for academic excellence in the field of marketing, an honor which can be noted on employment applications, vitae, and resumés. Through CMMP® designation one can gain a sense of community with others in the field of marketing and an identification with the discipline. CMMP® provides a local, regional, national and international forum for obtaining information and developing perspectives about the field of marketing standards and practices, learning about educational and career opportunities, and forming meaningful professional networks. Last but not least CMMP® facilitates leadership development, interaction with other professional who have similar interests, and service to the department and institution sponsoring CMMP®.”
Dr. Rajender Kumar
Ph.D., M.COM., M.A.Economics, PGDFM, PGDMM, MIMA, LL.B.
Assistant Professor
University of Delhi, Rajdhani College, Department of Commerce
New Delhi, India

“I extend my heartiest Congratulations to the IIMP® on the occasion of launching the best marketing programme CMMP® in new education of marketing arena. CMMP® will seek to explore the knowledge of marketing professionals for the new green marketing professions. CMMP® will develop the global standard of marketing with the IIMP® and will resurrect of all associations of marketing in the global. Congratulate them for this extraordinary achievement for any quality marketing professionals. CMMP® will be the best programme in the globe for raising the Business Economics. CMMP® values and ethics will play very important role to moving the wheel of marketing growth to change the global marketing economy. Through CMMP® designation every marketing professional will leave the excellent impression and identity in the global market after completed this certified course by IIMP®. I hope that CMMP® designation will create the way of success for marketing professional careers in global marketing organizations.”

Ceceille Palmer BBA (Hons), MBA
Business Development Manager
ActionCOACH Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica

“The CMMP® designation provides standard and worldwide recognition for marketing professionals globally. It is a well needed and rewarding credential for aspiring marketers as well as those professionals already working in the field. I truly congratulate and support this IIMP® initiative which will facilitate learning and development in marketing.”

Bill Davis
President, Speaker, Author
Davis Marketing Group
Greater Denver Area, USA

“The subject matter covered by this curriculum is impressive. Successful mastery of these subjects should help prepare a marketer to deliver results to their clients or employers.”

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Miryala, MBA, PhD (Business Management)
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Management, Mahatma Gandhi University
Nalgonda, India

“At the outset I congratulate IIMP® for the initiation they have take up in the field of Marketing Management at the International Forum. The CMMP® designation handbook is another milestone they are bringing out for the practicing Marketing Professionals. I hope it will certainly comprehend both the learners and practitioners. I wish the industry-based certification program by IIMP® facilitate both learners and practitioners to adept themselves with contemporary marketing knowledge and acquaint with the industry requirements and hoping them to have success at the business.”

Dr. Muhammad Asif Khan, MBA, MS, PhD (Marketing), MSc.(Statistics)
Program Director MS-Marketing
UCP Business School, University of Central Punjab
Lahore, Pakistan

“I extend my hearties congratulations to IIMP® for their marketing program and simultaneously for an extremely exhaustive Handbook on Marketing. The areas covered by the book will be a wealth of information on the practical side of marketing. Indeed, it is a good effort to launch such programs and the formation of much needed book on state-of-the-art topics in Marketing”

Rolph Young M.Sc. Marketing (Distinction), B.Sc. Elec. Eng. (UWI)
Team Leader Corporate Business Development
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad & Tobago
Port of Spain, Trinidad

“I am extremely appreciative of the work being done by the CMMP® program. This is an asset to any marketing professional as it seeks to establish high standards globally and move the marketing institution to new horizons. Our clients will be the ones to gain the much needed competitive edge from the CMMP® program.”