Conferences and Awards

The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) has taken the following two initiatives in order to encourage and recognize excellence in marketing practice and theory around the world. 

1. Formed a dedicated team; Conferences and Awards Committee; 
2. An extensive series of awards for marketing practitioners, academicians and students. 

The Conferences and Awards Committee at IIMP® has a mandate for planning, organizing and collaborating partnerships with organizations around the world in order to participate in the congresses, evaluate papers and present awards to the deserving candidates within the marketing discipline. 

The award series includes marketing awards in various categories to be offered at the country and international levels in order to appreciate outstanding achievements of the marketing community members. 

The IIMP® will be offering marketing awards at the country level and international in the following six categories for outstanding achievements to the marketing community members: 

IIMP® Country Level Awards

1- Country Award for Marketing Practitioners 
2- Country Award for Marketing Academicians 
3- Country Award for Marketing Students 

IIMP® International Awards

1- International Award for Marketing Practitioners 
2- International Award for Marketing Academicians 
3- International Award for Marketing Students

The IIMP® will be offering the following awards in each one of the above categories. 

IIMP® Marketing Management Awards List

1–Account Based Marketing
2–Affiliate Marketing
3–Brand Management
4–Community Marketing
5–Consumer Behaviour
6–Customer Relationship Management Marketing
7–Dashboards, Marketing KPIs (ROI)
8–Experiential Marketing
10-Global Marketing
11-Health Care Marketing
12-Internet Marketing
13-Marketing Channels Management
14-Marketing Communications
15-Marketing Ethics & Compliance
16-Marketing Intelligence System
17-Marketing Planning
18-Marketing Research
19-Mobile Marketing
20-New Product development
21-Pricing (Strategy, Methodology & Financial Implications)
22-Relationship Marketing
23-Retail Management
24-Service Marketing
25-Social Media Marketing
26-Strategy Marketing
27-Sustainability Marketing
28-Value-Based Marketing 

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