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International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices

The International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP) is a high quality scholarly publication of leading and innovative information in the areas of marketing, which is envisioned to be a vital tool for the benefit of marketers worldwide; researchers and practitioners in the field. The IJMPP Journal’s primary focus is enhancing the discipline of Marketing Management globally, providing robust & cutting edge marketing theory & practice, invigorating the field as an important organization orientation. The Journal is targeted at promoting the development and dissemination of advances in the field by maintaining the highest standards of intellectual thought combined with practical relevance. 

The IJMPP is currently in process for being listed with the EBSCO database and exploring other indexing opportunities with high profile international publishers.

Journal Readerships

– Academic Professionals
– Librarians 
– Marketing Consultants
– Marketing Coordinators
– Marketing Directors
– Marketing Executives
– Marketing Managers
– Marketing Planners
– Marketing Practitioners
– Marketing Researchers
– Marketing Students 

Content Coverage

– Community Marketing
– Customer Relationship Management 
– Digital Marketing
– Eco/Environment Marketing
– Experiential Marketing
– Financial Services Marketing
– Geo-Marketing
– Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Marketing
– Internet Marketing 
– Key Account Management 
– Marketing Analysis
– Marketing at Risk Management
– Marketing Ethics & Compliance
– Market Intelligence 
– Marketing Mix: Strategy, Management and Execution
– Marketing Performance Measurement 
– Marketing Planning
– Market research
– Mobile Marketing
– Retail Management
– Service Marketing
– Strategic Marketing
– Sustainability Marketing
– Value-Based Marketing

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