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Annual Membership Fees Review

Membership Global Discounts:
The IIMP offers special discount levels on MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS to residents of different countries/zones:
View list of countries and discount levels.

Zone 1: discount level 10% on all memberships
Zone 2: discount level 25% on all memberships
Zone 3: discount level 50% on all memberships

  Regular Fee Discount level-1: 10% Discount level-2: 25% Discount level-3: 50%
Student Member $50 $45 $38 $25
Regular Member $100 $90 $75 $50
Professional Member $150 $135 $113 $75
CMMP Member $200 $180 $150 $100
Corporate Member $500 $450 $375 $250
Fellow Member $90 $81 $68 $45


Note: The Corporate membership fee will cover fee for five individuals (If all five members are not registering at the initial time, the rest of them can be registered anytime within 12 months period from the first registration date).