IIMP® Student Ambassador Program

The IIMP® Student Ambassador Program is designed to encourage marketing students and provide them a exclusive opportunity to act as liaisons between the International Institute of Marketing Professionals and their education institutions.

The program allows Student Ambassadors to connect on a global network that aims to provide valuable insight about the progressive marketing field and its contribution to the industry growth. As a team member, the student ambassadors will gain opportunities to build on leadership skills, thus giving them the competitive edge to advance their careers.

The Student Ambassador will gain:
– Complementary Membership as an “IIMP® Student Member”
– Recognized as “IIMP® Student Ambassador”.
– Discounted rates on events and educational programs.
– Special discount on subscription to the “International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices”.
– Special discount on subscription to the “Chronicle of Global Marketing” Magazine.
– Complimentary subscription to IIMP® Newsletter.
– Exclusive access to online membership directory.
– Gain a competitive edge through recognition.
– Opportunities to network with leading marketing professionals.
– Access to the largest international marketing network in the world.
– Accessibility to progressive marketing and professional resources.
– Access to information of upcoming Chapter events.
– Opportunities for personal development through educational and training programs.
– Volunteering opportunities through IIMP® global community.

These Student Ambassadors will:
– Act as a campus contact for IIMP® teams.
– Learn about IIMP® products and services.
– Demonstrate leadership in planning and hosing events on campus.
– Assist IIMP® teams in understanding the University/College environment.

An ideal Student Ambassador is:
– Enrolled in full-time in any of the community college, undergraduate, and postgraduate education program.
– Available dedicate 10 hours per month to the IIMP® projects
– Develop deep understanding of IIMP products and services.
– Participate in student activities and organizations

How To apply:
If you are interested in becoming an IIMP® Student Ambassador, visit the link and completing the application online: