IIMP® Corporate Identity Program

IIMP® Corporate Identity Program

Corporate Identity is the persona, distinguished charter of IIMP®. It is the value of one’s vision, purpose, values ethical stance, leadership and principles help by IIMP®. This is what differentiates from the rest. And it is the way these values are communicated verbally, in writing, and graphically in the corporate log, design and colors. IIMP® corporate identity will merge itself in strategy, culture and communications to present a memorable personality to prospects and customers.

IIMP® corporate identity goes beyond the visual effects, and penetrates deep into the heart of who we are. Professionalism, courtesy, responsiveness, integrity all will make up the environment in which our customers will conduct their business.

IIMP® will communicate its corporate identity through its Products and Services. The key is to define how well we communicate our vision and values by means of the identity and image of its products and services always keeping the target audience involvement in mind. The public’s image of IIMP® is largely a result of the user product and service experience which should be supported by an effective communication systems. It is important to check impact on how the market perceives and interprets IIMP® brand or corporate image and identity.

Our ‘Right’ corporate identity will touch on everybody in the company, from the person who answers the phone to the CEO. While the logo and company look is important, the way we and our employees communicate with the customers, how we project the firm’s values day to day, how we manage our team – that is what builds corporate identity.

IIMP®’s Corporate Identity Program (CIP) identifies the Institute of Marketing Professionals Product and Services. The primary goal of the corporate identity program is to create an identity that will individually and collectively help to create value judgements based on the appearance of corporate stationery, publications, advertising, buildings, interior spaces, and signage and ensure that the image they convey is both correct (as desired) and consistent.

IIMP® Corporate Identity Program is a formal, organized and planned program and will help to establish IIMP® identity. IIMP® CIP is deeply rooted in the core values of the organization (The 4 Pillars).

Brand management & advertising specialist, printers, interior designers, and a variety of specialist in addition to the main identity designers were involved in creation of the CIP. The coordinated involvement of all these people in the design process has a clear statement of goals, and a commitment to the importance of the CIP.

The CIM is a management tool to coordinate the efforts of everyone involved in the implementation of the identity program. It is a style guide that promotes standardization. In addition to important information regarding everything from the corporate symbol to furniture, the Corporate Identity Program contains a message from the President/CEO of the organization who has set the four pillars of the IIMP® organization.

The 4 pillars should reinforce the importance of both the changes being made and of following the guidelines that the manual establishes. The manual also provides detailed guidance for the maintenance of the program when the consultant is no longer involved. The IIMP® Corporate Identity Program must be viewed as being in a continual state of evolution. Procedures should be established for making the changes that will inevitable be required.

The CIP will help ensure consistency by providing standards and specification for the use of IIMP® corporate identity on a variety of situations, This program should be followed for all printed and multi-media communications, including stationery, forms, website, publications of signage. In advertising the manual will show how the corporate identity is applied to mass media applications such as internet applications, newspapers, and television.

The IIIMP® CIP will be readily accessible to everyone that needs it and will serve the useful purpose of providing a place to go for information and guidance. It is important, and this manual is flexible enough to accommodate the changes that will be inevitable. The manual is never “done”. It will be updated on demand.

Further information can be received by contacting via email at: cip@theiimp.org


Follow the link to download IIMP® Corporate Identity Program manual (PDF File Size: 15 MB):