Mission and Objectives

Objectives for IIMP®

a) Developing and promoting international standards for the practice and certifications in the
areas of marketing to be recognized globally;
b) Accreditation of training providers for delivering quality and focused training;
c) Building and implementing code of ethics among memberships;
d) Providing communicational opportunities for those working in the field of marketing;
e) Establishing appropriate testing and examination criteria for achieving marketing
certifications offered by the International Institute of Marketing Professionals.

Vision for IIMP®

Our vision entails becoming the premiere association in setting standards for certifying marketing practitioners around the world.

Mission for IIMP®

IIMP®’s mission entails promoting confidence in the Marketing Profession around the world through industry advancement of its members and working towards public interest.

IIMP® Core Values

Integrity, knowledge, excellence and professionalism are the cores values of IIMP® members.

IIMP® is devoted to executing the following major goals:

1. Publishing the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ – IAMS based upon Generally Accepted Marketing Principles™ and Practices which will contain a description of generally accepted practices in the field of marketing and will set the criteria for professional designations.

2. Implementation of professional development training programs and professional designations such as Certified Marketing Management Professional – CMMP® Designations:
– Associate Certified Marketing Management Professional – Associate CMMP®
– Manager Certified Marketing Management professional – Manager CMMP®
– Executive Certified Marketing Management Professional – Executive CMMP®
– Chartered Certified Marketing Management professional – Chartered CMMP®

3. Publishing the International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices – IJMPP, a high quality scholarly publication of leading and innovative information in the areas of marketing, targeted at promoting the development and dissemination of advances in the field by maintaining the highest standards of intellectual thought combined with practical relevance.

4. Publishing the Marketing World Review Magazine to advance marketing practitioners’ knowledge of industry changes and to keep them informed about the current informational and technological tools available to achieve marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

5. Development of IIMP® Chapters around the world, in order to provide local support to marketing community members, promote the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAMS) and IIMP® marketing designations.

6. The accreditation and recognition of educational institutions internationally, in order to provide an educational foundation for the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAMS) and IIMP® marketing designations.

7. Organizing and participating in major marketing conferences and establishing extensive award programs in order to appreciate outstanding accomplishments of the marketing practitioners and academicians globally.

8. Providing extended career support services for marketing professionals by offering scholarship programs for bridging the financial gap for deserving candidates and connecting marketers to relevant employers for carer advancements.

9. Establishment of large global advisory and functional teams with members in every country of the world, in order to connect with local communities and provide comprehensive support.

10. Building strategic alliances with marketing associations, relevant businesses and media around the globe.