IIMP™ Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

As a volunteer, you are an important member of our staff of International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP™) and act as a representative of our organization to the community at large. For a better understanding of what you can expect as a volunteer and what is expected of you by our organization, we ask you to read and agree the following Volunteer Agreement.

The organization, International Institute of Marketing Professionals, will provide for you:

• Beneficial and life-enriching experiences;
• Comprehensive orientation and general training sessions;
• Any specialized training for specific jobs, such as docents and interpreters;
• Opportunities for professional development and social interaction with other volunteers;
• To provide a specific job description detailing duties and responsibilities.

The organization asks that you

• Work an agreed number of hours on a scheduled basis.
• Expect about 2 to 5 hours a week which is mainly working virtually from your home.
• Choose an assignment within your abilities, interests, and time.
• Attend a scheduled orientation, training classes, and tour of the organization.
• Notify the organization beforehand if you will be absent or if you have arranged a substitute.
• Conduct yourself in an appropriate and ethical manner at all times.
• Efficient in dealing with visitors’ board members and staff.
• Have fun and agree to ask questions if needed. Remember we are here for you!

IIMP™ Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement

1. You agree that any written information that has been disclosed to you as “confidential” during and after your term will remain in the strictest confidence.

2. You agree not to publicize any of the confidential aspects of your work orally or by written word or any other medium of communication.

4. You agree to exercise due care to ensure that any information that you may give to others in the course of your term will be given only to persons you believe are entitled to receive such information.

As a volunteer, you confirm that you have read the above statements and agree with them. you will adhere to all general and confidential requirements contained in this agreement or as otherwise directed to you in writing by any authorized representative of International Institute of Marketing Professionals during your term. Furthermore, you confirm that any innovations, creations, and products development that you will be creating or contributing to, will remain sole property of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals.