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Marketing Circle

Marketing Circle is an online premier resource for marketing practitioners, professionals, researchers and students interested in professional development and leadership enhancement in the field of marketing management and research. Its a unique place for the development of marketing professionals as well as for those who wish to get into the Marketing field.

Le Politician Magazine

The le Politician is a leading magazine that is published to update the public and politicians about political activities within the framework in Canada and abroad. The contents include most recent occurrences, editorial, views, and key profile interviews.



Digital Arcanum

As a boutique digital design studio, DIGITAL ARCANUM focuses on giving Brands an Identity. Digital Arcanum brings together a professional and passionate team of creative gurus who are “simply the best at what they do“. From custom, cutting edge responsive websites to traditional print, logo design and branding, our in-house capabilities allow us to offer complete digital marketing packages that drive our clients’ businesses—online, in print and over the Social media. We are an award winning boutique Design Company with a reputation for quality, creativity and value.

Macmedia Africa

Macmedia Africa consultants are a registered media consultancy, public relations and Research Company that is based in mercantile House Nairobi. Macmedia Africa consultants offers knowledge management and enhancement services to enable institutions to predict the market trends through our professionally tailored services and products that include; Trainings, Media research and consultancy, Advertisement, Branding, Public relations, Production, Media monitoring, Social research and marketing consultancy.


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