Volunteer Vacancies

The following are open vacancies to volunteer with the IIMP

Leadership Roles:

Chair, Business Strategy Committee
Chair, Chapter Support Committee
Chair, Corporate Alliances Committee
Chair, Education Management Committee
Chair, Human Resources Committee

Co-Chair, Marketing & Communications Committee
Co-Chair, Membership Development Committee
Co-Chair, Career Development Committee

Support Team Members:

Member, Academic Accreditation Committee
Member, Accounting and Finance Committee
Member, Business Strategy Committee
Member, Career Development Committee
Member, Chapter Support Committee
Member, Conference and Awards Committee
Member, Corporate Alliances Committee
Member, Education Management Committee
Member, Human Resources Committee
Member, Marketing & Communications Committee
Member, Marketing Standards Committee
Member, Membership Development Committee

View existing IIMP teams: http://www.theiimp.org/volunteer-committees/

Apply online to join: please complete online volunteer application.