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IIMP’s Achievements of the first decade!

By: Nisar Butt, President/CEO at IIMP
It gives me immense pleasure to share this message with the entire marketing community around the globe. Over the course a decade, the IIMP has reached stunning heights at a number of fronts that is a direct result of our dedicated teams who have made it possible to consistently escalate.

The organization was founded as a non-profit professional body with the primary goal to serve marketing academicians and practitioners in advancing their professional careers.

In pursuit of developing standards, we learned the needs and wants of our members that brought our team’s primary focus on crafting professional certifications worldwide with affordability and accessibility to accommodate all economical heights. Read more..

“Sustainability Sells” What is the best business claim to embrace Sustainability

By: Sandra Pedro, CMMP, Editor-in-Chief
Sustainability Sells! This is the conclusion of Nielsen´s report What´s Sustainability got to do with it? which connects sustainability to increasing sales.

It’s a claim that I have been advocating for several years. Not only because we, Human Beings, need to work towards sustainable development, but also because consumers prioritize sustainable options because they are more aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions on environmental and resource exploitation. Acknowledging consumer sentiment, sales, growth, distribution and more, is essential to growth.

According to Nielsen´s latest report, sales of items with sustainability claims, such as environmental claims (carbon neutral, ethically sourced, made with renewable energy, etc.), organic ingredients or fair trade products, in the analysed categories, chocolate, coffee and bath products, grew faster than the total category. Read more..

Making connections in your marketing strategies

By: Caroline Berryman, CMMP
When a brand launches a campaign that can connect with people on an emotional level, most people want to be a part of it. To connect with people, it is important to create a one-on-one interaction with them, by creating an opportunity to join the conversation with a hashtag, by reposting images, and replying to comments. Being associated with a powerful and inspirational message, which is extensively shared, leaves a lasting impression on everyone who sees it and everyone who is involved.

At the beginning of this year LinkedIn created a social media campaign that changed the focus from their site to their audience by asking, “What are you in it for?” LinkedIn created a video ad campaign from member submissions that launched during the Golden Globes. The ads featured professionals in their respective fields with the message that members, of all unique professions, have a community in their platform. “Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together,” according to LinkedIn. Read more..

7 Digital Marketing Mistakes of 2018

By: Stephanie McCredie
We have been given a phenomenal opportunity to engage with consumers and influence their decisions through digital technology. However, as new technologies are evolving at such a fast speed, digital marketing is constantly being pulled into an ever-changing and developing arena. Leveraging the ‘right’ digital strategies is more vital than ever in order to reach and engage with the right people through your marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing mistakes can be extremely costly for your organisation. Here are some digital marketing mistakes of 2018 you could be avoiding: Read more..

IIMP Partner’s with AI in Marketing Conference in Switzerland

The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) is Global Partner of the Conference Artificial Intelligence in Marketing that will take place on March 27th 2019, in Zurich, Switzerland.

The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) announces that is the Global Partner of the Conference Artificial Intelligence in Marketing, gathering, for one day, practitioners and leaders to drive marketing into new level of digital marketing. The conference will take place next year, in Zurich, Switzerland, on March 27th. Read more..

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