IIMP appoints Farhan Majeed as the Regional Consultant for UAE and Pakistan

Toronto, Canada — July 20, 2015 — The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP) announces the appointment of Farhan Majeed as the Regional Consultant to represent IIMP® in two countries, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Mr. Majeed has been one of the pillars and dedicated team member who have contributed on several development areas of the IIMP® and currently has been serving as the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Pakistan.

Due to Mr. Majeed’s profound commitment and long term contributed to the success of IIMP®, he was promoted to a consultant to reach out to educational institutions and marketing community at large.

After spending a few months in UAE and meeting officials of a number of prestigious educational institutions, Mr. Majeed’s will visit Pakistan to continue his work.

Farhan Majeed, VP Marketing & communications (IIMP®) for Pakistan, and Regional Consultant (IIMP®) for UAE and Pakistan said that “It’s been a pleasure for me to be a team member of IIMP (Canada) one of the leading international marketing association. I feel an honor to represent and showcase its professional services and offerings in Pakistan and UAE. In the mean while I would encourage Universities, Colleges, Corporate & professional training centers, Marketing consultants & professionals and students in the discipline of marketing to welcome and join (IIMP®) to be more competitive in facing the current and future challenges in the verily dynamic field of marketing management”.

Nisar Butt, President and Chief Executive Officer said that “We’re delighted to see that Mr. Majeed fulfilling his commitment as the IIMP’s Regional Consultant for UAE and Pakistan and VP Marketing and Communications. He will be on an officially visit to Pakistan to personally meet the officials of academic institutions and offer them opportunities to build strategic alliances with the IIMP® in order spread the benefits to local marketing professionals.”

Official from various prestigious universities, colleges, corporate training centers and marketing professionals and consultants may contact him regarding various professional services and offerings from IIMP®.

IIMP® Services/Products are as follows:
• IIMP® accredited CMMP® (Certified Marketing Management Professional) Programs
• Setting Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards
• Membership Program
• Worldwide Networking
• Marketing Conferences and Awards
• The International Journal of Marketing Principles and Practices (IJMPP)
• Global Marketing Management Magazine
• International Scholarship Program
• IIMP® Newsletter

In order to support our long-term commitment and close relationships in Pakistan, our official can be at your assistance for tailored counseling to all the concerned parties.
For further information, please contact:

Farhan Majeed
Regional Consultant (IIMP®) for UAE and Pakistan
VP Marketing & communications (IIMP®) for Pakistan
163 C-PCSIR Staff Society
College Road
Lahore, Pakistan
Mob: +92 (321) 6235852 +971 (050) 2305135
e-mail: farhan.majeed@theiimp.org


About the International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®):
International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) is an independent not-for-profit professional organisation, which develops and advocates international standards within the marketing field. IIMP® was formed in July 2009 and is a pioneer in its leadership and strategic approach towards developing the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ based upon Generally Accepted Marketing Principles™ and Practices in the field of marketing. The development of Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards is led by the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAMST) Board, which represents the G-20 countries; the IAMST Board members include senior academic leaders from reputable business schools and Chief Marketing Officers from major corporations across the G-20 countries. This diverse membership will undoubtedly bring a real synergy between the science and practice. The IAMST Board works with the aid and cooperation of teams from International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP), which has representation from 192 countries and Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP). Website: www.theiimp.org



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