Advisory Benefits

Becoming an Advisory Board/Council Member at IIMP®

The Institute of Marketing Professionals welcomes and recognizes the invaluable contributions from our advisory members. Advisory team members at IIMP® play a vital role by providing leadership, guidance and wisdom that allow us to achieve our organizational goals. The advisory membership with the International Institute of Marketing Professionals allows marketing academics and professionals to connect on a global network that aims to provide valuable insight about the progressive marketing field and its contribution to the industry growth. 

Advisory Membership Benefits

  1. The Advisory Board and Council members are highly regarded by the Board of Directors and Executive teams at the IIMP®.
  2. Personal growth and development through contribution in the marketing community globally. 
  3. Opportunity to share expertise and advice.
  4. Participate in providing support and guidance in the planning, development and implementation IIMP® services and publications. 
  5. Be part of a consultative voice in order to influence the responsiveness of the IIMP® to ensure that the marketing community’s needs are adequately represented when decisions are made.
  6. Collective perspectives and expertise of the advisory members provide valuable input, feedback, and strengthen the IIMP®’s connection to marketing professionals and academicians. 
  7. Enhance your professional resume/portfolio.

In addition to the above, as an Honorary Member, you will gain:


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Joining the Board or Councils:
IIMP® is currently looking for individuals to join the above board or councils as volunteers, if you have appropriate related credentials combined with extensive industry experience in marketing:
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