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The IIMP is planning to launch a Marketing magazine for practitioners and we would like to get your opinion, input to build the best concept as well as to gather team members to help in the following areas:

1 – Editor-in-Chief
2 – Co-Editors
3 – Editorial Team Members
4 – Graphic Designers
5 – Advertising Sales Team Members
6 – Writing Contributors

As a starting point, we believe that our differentiation is our wide coverage since our board has members from 192 countries. It means 192 different views, cases, experience.

Yet, although we aim to publish a paper magazine eventually, the use of online tool offer high interaction and decrease the cost of such work. Furthermore, through a web site, we would be able to ask regularly what people want to read, discuss and learn. Thus, it would allow us to reflect those demands to our actions, leading our magazine to be web 3.0.

Therefore, we should try to make it as interactive as possible to keep it alive, updated and people engaged. In addition, some groups on LinkedIn, Facebook among others would be created as well as mobile applications.

We look forward to hearing from you to build the successful the most cutting edge and successful Marketing magazine.

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