Publications Management Committee

The Publications Management Committee provides leadership for attainment and maintenance of high level of quality and efficiency in the IIMP®’s publications, maintain archives, and keep an accurate record of all the publishing related activities.

Some of the functions of the committee include:
– Collaborating with other committees;
– Promoting high quality research and contents of the marketing discipline through;
– Managing the selection of editors, special issues and editorial boards;
– Initiating and managing changes to policy and procedures regarding publications.

Committee Members
Senior Vice President Publications Management, Zahid Ali, MBA (Marketing), M.Phil
Editorial Director, Marija Jovic, MSc, PhD (Marketing) Candidate
Editorial Manager, Burak Eker, BS
Graphic Art & Design Director, Sumardy Coffin, MBA
Editorial Manager, Cagdas Kanar, BS
Editorial Manager, Dimitar Stoyanov, BA (International Business)
Editorial Manager, Richard K. Achu, MBA, ACIM

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