IIMP® launches Student Ambassador Program For Undergraduate and Postgraduate students

International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) launches the Student Ambassador Program (ISAP) for undergraduate and postgraduate marketing students connect on global network of marketing professionals and act as liaisons with their educational institutions.

Toronto, Canada — January 15, 2014 — The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) is launching the IIMP® Student Ambassador Program (ISAP) for marketing students, giving them the competitive edge to advance their careers. This program allows student ambassadors to connect on a global network that aims to provide valuable insight about the progressive marketing field and its contribution to the industry growth. As a team member, the student ambassadors will gain opportunities to build on leadership skills, thus giving them the competitive edge to advance their careers.

These student ambassadors will act as liaison between IIMP® and their educational institutions. As student ambassadors will gain membership as an IIM® student member, discounted rates on events and educational programs and discounts on subscription to IIMP® publications, exclusive access to online membership directory, opportunities to network with leading marketing professionals from across the world, opportunities for personal development through educational and training programs, as other benefits.

Those who are interested to join the ISAP must be enrolled in full/time in any of the communication college, undergraduate and postgraduate education program, preferably as student member of local Marketing Association/Society, have already been member of University/College Extra Curricular Club/Society and show active participation in student activities and can organize an event, must have good academic record, posses a good written and oral communication and be available to dedicate 10 hours per month to the IIMP® projects.

Mr. Nisar Butt, President and Chief Executive Officer of IIMP®, said: “This program was designed for students to have the opportunity to connect with international marketing community since early stage in their professional path. The access to knowledge and networking as Student Ambassador given them the competitive edge to advance in their careers.”

How To apply:
Those who are interested in becoming an IIMP® Student Ambassador Program (ISAP), visit the link and complete the online application for consideration and assessment: http://www.theiimp.org/iimp-volunteer-online-application/

Learn more about the IIMP Student Ambassador Program: http://www.theiimp.org/iimp-student-ambassador-program/

About the International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®):
International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®) is an independent not-for-profit professional organization which develops and advocates international standards within the marketing field. IIMP® was formed in July 2009 and is a pioneer in its leadership and strategic approach towards developing the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAMST) based upon Generally Accepted Marketing Principles™ and Practices in the field of marketing. The development of Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards is led by the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™ (IAMST) Board which represents the G-20 countries; the IAMS Board members include senior academic leaders from reputable business schools and Chief Marketing Officers from major corporations across the G-20 countries. This diverse membership will undoubtedly bring a real synergy between the science and practice. The IAMS Board works with the aid and cooperation of teams from the International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP) which has representation from 158 countries and Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP). _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Prof. Dr. Chuck Hermans, MBA, PhD (Marketing)
Senior Vice President Marketing
International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®)
E-mail: chuckhermans@missouristate.edu

Sandra Pedro, McS (Communication Science)
Senior Public Relations Manager
International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®)
E-mail: sandraigpedro@gmail.com

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