Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee directive is to identify market opportunities and customer segments for the organization to target while building the organizations deliverables and bringing them to market. The Marketing and Communications Committee is made up of four teams: Product Development, Brand Management, Marketing Communications, and Market Planning and Research.

Product Development team
The Product development team works together with the various committees of the IIMP® to help prepare the organization’s products and services for market. The product development team finalizes and polishes the marketing objectives and market strategy for each product and service offered by the IIMP®. Product managers work in conjunction with Brand Managers, the Marketing Communications team, and the Market Planning and Research team, to insure each product and service provided by the organization is brought to market in a timely and effective manner. The Product Managers provide a needed market support function for each of the IIMP® Committees who are responsible for defining the nature of the organizations offerings.

Brand Management team
The Brand Management team is responsible for managing the brands of the IIMP®. The team develops the IIMP® designation strategy, CMMP® designation strategy, IAMS® designation strategy and manages all aspects of the brand principles and rules, ensuring the brands are maintained to the highest standard in all IIMP® institutes around the world. Brand Managers will designate the use of the brands for country chapters, partnering and other uses. The Brand Management team is responsible for insuring consistent brand recognition and compatibility in markets around the world. The Brand Management team on a regular basis will be collaborating and communicating with the other marketing teams and with other Committee’s within the IIMP® structure in order to align the brand strategies with the overall business strategy.

Marketing Communications team
The Marketing Communications Team is responsible for developing all internal and external marketing communication infrastructure and messages. This includes but is not limited to the organizations web-site, social media presence, digital and print advertising, direct e-mail and database communications, and PR. The marketing team develops the marketing, digital and advertising strategy for the IIMP® CMMP®, IAMS® and other products and services of the organization. The Marketing Communications team will be collaborating and communicating with the other marketing teams, and with the various Committee’s within the IIMP® to provide effective internal and external messages for the appropriate target constituencies.

Market Planning and Research team
The Market Planning and Research team prepares long term market plans and strategy for the organization and its products based on sound consumer and market based research. The team identifies market opportunities, refines the specifics of the target markets and helps define the positioning of the organization in the marketplace. The Market Planning and Research team collaborates with other marketing teams, and with the various Committee’s within the IIMP® to provide market research and planning support for the organization.

Current Vacant Positions:
There are vacant positions in the areas of product development, brand management, marketing communications and marketing planning and research at various levels including:
– Vice-President
– Associate Vice-President
– Director
– Associate Director
– Manager

Committee Members
Senior Vice President Marketing, Prof. Dr. Chuck Hermans
Vice President Marketing & Communications for Canada, Linda Martins, MBA
Vice President Marketing & Communications for India, Dr. Vickram Aadityaa, DMS
Vice President Marketing & Communications for Bangladesh, Dr. Sikder M.Anowarul Islam, PhD
Vice President Marketing & Communications for Pakistan, Farhan Majeed, MBA
Associate Vice President Brand Management, Philip J O’Dwyer

Brand Management Director, Prof. Shawn Stacey
Brand Management Director, Farooq Ahmad
Market Intelligence Director, Mohammed Anagreh
Director for Product Development, Naveed Khan
Director, Marketing and Communications Strategy, Angela La Gamba
Director In-Country Marketing-Sales, Bernardo Robledo, CITP/FIBP
Strategy Advisor, Marketing and Communications Strategy, Vince Ferraro
Market Planning Director, Fabio Marconi G de Arruda
Senior Brand Manager, Fahad Naseem
Product Development Manager, Emmanuel Olusola Sosanya
Manager Linked-IN, Aqeel Shahzad
Manager Twitter, Farida Mahfooz
Senior Brand Manager, Dr. Vasanth Kiran
Product Development Manager, M. Faisal Hasnain
Senior Brand Manager, Ryan Demelo
Senior Brand Manager, Biplob Ghosh Rahul
Senior Market Planning Manager, Sofia Páez
Brand Manager, Dr. Mandeep Singh
Brand Manager, Annie Smolcic
Brand Manager, Vidhya Ramamurthy
Brand Manager, Haris Ahmed Butt
Brand Manager, Mohammad Aman Ullah Aman
Brand Manager, Shaifullah Mahmud Dulal
Brand Manager, Md. Imdad Hossain Khan
Sales Strategy Manager, Nazmul Haq Chowdhury
Brand Manager for Services, Abu Sufian Mohammad Khaled
Brand Manager for CMMP Strategy Development, Chowdhury Mohibul Hasan
Brand Manager for CMMP Strategy Development, Aktar Partho
Market Research Manager, Shah Md. Imran
PR Manager, Sandra Pedro
Digital Strategy Manager, Zoran Stojanovic
Digital Media Manager, Asim Farhan
Marketing Communications Manager, Shouq Al-Alawi
Product Specialist, Udara Senevirathne
Senior Public Relations Manager, Tina Šegota
Social Media Manager, Špela Selak
Research Analyst, Al Imran
Graphic Designer, Maya Capablanca Fernandez
Institutional Relationship Manager, Kashif Muhammad
Media and Public Relations Manager, Amna Zafar
Market Development Manager, Fahim ur rahman
Marketing and Development Coordinator, Yousaf Ahmed
Assistant Brand Manager, Khandoker Zaman, MBA


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