Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Committee

The Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Committee at IIMP® is responsible for managing and developing IIMP® marketing designations and the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards (IAMST) Handbook. Additionally, the committee will research and develop policies and procedures required for the implementation of IIMP® certification programs. A key role for the IAMST Committee is to provide feedback and suggestions to the Vice President of IAMST in order to improve IIMP® designations and the IAMST Handbook.

Committee Members
Djordje Teofilovic – Senior Vice President, Marketing Standards
Dr. Kathryn Newton – Director, Marketing Standards
Ryan Caligiuri – Director, Marketing Standards
Prof. Krishna Alejandrino – Director, Marketing Standards
Karen Fleming – Associate Director, Marketing Standards
Dr. Aftab Alam – Advisory Member, Marketing Standards

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