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IIMP™ Press Release

International Institute of Marketing Professionals launches its website to be used as a premiere tool in conducting its operations towards advancement of the marketing profession world-wide

Toronto, Canada—November 4, 2009—Today, International Institute of Marketing Professionals has announced the launch of its comprehensive website, which will aid IIMP™ in establishing vital communicational channels towards achieving its organization’s objectives. These communicational channels will be the means to continue working towards advancement of marketing profession world-wide.

“Due to profound dedication of our devoted key executive members we have achieved our next mile stone by launching this crucial website,” says Nisar Butt, President and Chief Executive Officer of IIMP™.

The IIMP™ website can be accessed via www.theiimp.org which provides comprehensive information about all major areas of the organization. It contains sections including “About IIMP™, Advisory Councils, Become a Member, Get Involved, IIMP ™ Designations, Training Centres, Chapters, Sponsorships, News & Events, Help & Support and Contact Information”.

The “About IIMP™” section includes information about the organization’s mission, executive team members, organizational chart and privacy policy.

The “Advisory Councils” section consists of information regarding the three advisory councils of IIMP™. These councils will play an important role, by working with the IIMP™’s Academic Accreditation Committee and Designation Development Committee, in providing input towards publishing the Marketing Body of Knowledge Handbook.

The “Membership” section covers membership benefits, membership categories, membership agreement and an online application to apply for the IIMP™ membership.

The “Get Involved” section lists information about volunteering benefits, volunteer agreement, volunteer committees, and an online application to apply to become a volunteer at IIMP™.

The “IIMP ™ Designations” component offers information about designation benefits, qualification requirements and an online application to apply for IIMP™ designation.

The “Training Centres” section provides brief information about academic accreditation, earning credit hours and contact information for the educational institutions to learn further about the IIMP™’s accreditation process.

The “Chapters” section gives information about introduction to IIMP™ Chapters, Chapter start-up requirements and contact information to start a new IIMP Chapter anywhere in the world.

The “Sponsorships” section lists various sponsorship packages, and welcomes new sponsorship initiatives.

The “News & Events” area provides IIMP™’s press releases, enewsletter and updates IIMP™’s media activities and upcoming future events.

The “Help & Support” area offers document downloads which offer pdf file downloads and a site map to aid search engines.

The “Contact Information” section provides IIMP™‘s mailing address in Canada and the United States, as well email addresses to access specific IIMP™ departments.

The next primary objective of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals will be to work towards recruiting and building our teams, in order to complete the infrastructure of our volunteers’ committees and achieving IIMP™’s organizational goals.

About International Institute of Marketing Professionals
International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP™) is the first independent not-for-profit professional association which develops and advocates international standards within the marketing field. IIMP™ was formed in July 2009 and is a pioneer in its leadership and strategic approach towards developing the Marketing Body of Knowledge Handbook based upon internationally accepted practices in the field of marketing practice. IIMP™ will issue marketing designations to individuals who have met specific qualifications through their education and work experience in the marketing arena. The IIMP™ designations include the Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP™) and the Certified Marketing Associate Manager (CMAM™).

Contact Information:

Nisar Butt, President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 416-477-8591

James Moroney, Vice President of Industry Recognition
Phone: 416-477-8591


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