IIMP has been Launched

IIMP Press Release

International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP) has been launched, a new Canadian-based not-for-profit professional association, with the mandate of advancing the Marketing Profession internationally.

Toronto, Canada—July 29, 2009—Today, the Minister of Industry Canada has approved the application for the incorporation of a corporation without share capital under Part II of the Canada Corporations act. The establishment of the organization’s status as a not-for-profit professional association has been registered under Canadian federal law and is denoted the name: International Institute of Marketing Professionals.

The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP) is the first professional not-for-profit association that is dedicated to developing and promoting recommended international standards for marketing practitioners to be recognized globally.

Nisar Butt has been appointed by the Board of Directors as President and Chief Executive Officer of IIMP. Mr. Butt’s background includes entrepreneurial leadership for over two decades and he has established his well known reputation in several business areas including: marketing, media, publishing, corporate training, post-secondary education, management consulting, and information technology. He has established and operated high profile corporate education centers and post-secondary career colleges with multiple campuses across Canada.

We are committed to executing the development and establishment of the two new designations for marketing practitioners around the world. These designations will be known as the Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP) and the Certified Marketing Associate Manager (CMAM),” said the President and Chief Executive Officer.

The current executive team has set the initiative of publishing the Marketing Body of Knowledge Handbook which will contain a description of internationally accepted practices in the field of marketing practice. Additionally, the team is determined to achieve the organizational goals of developing and establishing IIMP Chapters and the accreditation of training centres internationally.

The primary objective of the International Institute of Marketing Professionals will be to develop and launch a comprehensive web site which will entail information about all major aspects of the organization including executive team members, volunteers committees, IIMP designations and membership information.

Contact Information:

Nisar Butt, President and Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 416-477-8591
E-mail: nbutt@theiimp.org

James Moroney, Vice President of Industry Recognition
Phone: 416-477-8591
E-mail: jmoroney@theiimp.org