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IIMP’s achievements of the first decade!

By: Nisar Butt, President/CEO at IIMP

It gives me immense pleasure to share this message with the entire marketing community around the globe. Over the course a decade, the IIMP has reached stunning heights at a number of fronts that is a direct result of our dedicated teams who have made it possible to consistently escalate.

The organization was founded as a non-profit professional body with the primary goal to serve marketing academicians and practitioners in advancing their professional careers.
In pursuit of developing standards, we learned the needs and wants of our members that brought our team’s primary focus on crafting professional certifications worldwide with affordability and accessibility to accommodate all economical heights.

Over the last few years, our educational program has reached a number of countries and successfully produced Certified Marketing Management Professionals (CMMP) who are able to contribute proven practices at workplaces.

In addition to our senior advisers, the academic accreditation committee members have demonstrated profound dedication in reviewing a large number of relevant programs from educational institutions in various parts of the world and granting them pertinent status of IIMP Recognized and Accredited Institutions. Ultimately, these establishments connect their alumni to pursue our CMMP certifications.

Similarly, our conference and award team has played a vital role in partnering with significant marketing events and conferences all around the world. Our participation in these events has enabled us to reach out to relevant professionals to recognize and appreciate their achievements by presenting them with awards and certifications. We intend to embark on a larger scale in order to broaden our presence even further in the near future.
However, in order to excel to a higher extent, we plan to further perfect areas including: our research journal, professional magazine and developing marketing standards. We plan to refocus on these areas in coming years and hope to achieve what we deserve.

In recognition of the profound contribution of our team members, especially those individuals who have been demonstrated leadership in fulfilling given tasks, we would like to honour them with recognition certifications. Consequently, I highly commend the contribution of all our teams in making the IIMP a great success. Furthermore, I would like to invite professionals and institutions to get engaged with our mandate as your share for the benefit of the marketing community at large.
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