Dr Ali Bassam Mahmoud – Profile

Dr. Ali Bassam Mahmoud represents Syria as a member of the International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP) at the International Institute of Marketing Professional.

Ali Bassam Mahmoud, PhD, is an assistant professor of marketing & management at Arab International University and a visiting professor at Damascus University, Syria. Dr. Mahmoud gained his PhD in Human Resource Management from the Higher Institute of Business Administration (HIBA) and another PhD in Marketing from Damascus University. Dr. Mahmoud has published widely in many international peer-reviewed journals. His research work has appeared in outlets like Education + Training, Journal of Promotion Management, Journal of Islamic Marketing, Business: Theory & Practice, and the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing where he also serves as an academic reviewer. His research interests include attitudes and behaviors toward job, customer satisfaction, and social media marketing. Dr. Mahmoud has taught a variety of modules such as principles of marketing, marketing management, sales management, strategic management, organizational theory, consumer behavior, e-marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and research methods.

Contact Dr. Ali Bassam Mahmoud at: elguitarrista@live.com